Over the last few years, Hoi An has become a very popular destination for Western retirees to relocate to thanks to its perfect lifestyle, beautiful beach, cheap cost of living, good weather, nice locals and great food.  just to mention a few of the reasons.

According to many Westerners visitors, it’s a chance for them to fully enjoy their retirement as the cost of living in Western countries is much higher than that in Vietnam. Therefore, a couple can live very well in Hoi An with a budget of less than US$1,000 a month including rent and eating out daily.

“I have lived in Hoi An now for 18 months, people ask me why? It’s simple, the beauty and serenity of the town and the friendliness of its people,” said Gary Dempsey, an Australian retiree who has lived in Hoi An over a year.

In addition, expatriates from HCMC and Hanoi tend  to relocate to Hoi An with their families to benefit from a better quality of life and escape the noise and pollution. This was made possible thanks to the opening of an international school three years ago, along with the rapid extension of Da Nang, the area benefits from a more and more well connected international airport.

It is also estimated that the number of UK retirees coming to Hoi An is increasing due to the newly-released policy of granting free Vietnam visa for a stay in Vietnam at maximum 15 days. However, many visitors said that 15 days is not enough time for exploring every corner of Hoi An. So, if one from UK would like to stay in Hoi An more than 15 days, applying for Vietnam visa from UK before starting the trip is highly recommended.

Hoi An has so much to offer by way of great restaurants, many beaches, local culture  and many friendly locals who are always happy to help expats feel at home in their country.

There are great backup services in the World Heritage-listed city of Hoi An like top class hospitals and all one could expect from a township on the move forward, also Hoi An having convenient location of being closet to Da Nang makes accessible to anywhere easy.