Hi there,

I have a few questions to ask pertaining to my trip to Vietnam.

-Can I use this VOA online service if I am going to Vietnam for business?

-How long will this online application take?

-Do I need to submit my passport physically for this application as I will be travelling extensively so I need my passport.

-So for a 3 month visa single I will need to pay a service fee of US$45 for 1 person and then when I arrive into Vietnam I need to pay USD45?

-Can I apply for 6 months multiple visa?

Thanks for your answers.


Hello Christopher,

Please note that this Vietnam visa on arrival is used for both tourist and business. Please note that if you work in Vietnam, you should apply for a business visa and the fee is different between them as below:

–  3 months multiple tourist visa: $ 55 US service fee online + $ 95 US stamping fee

–  3 months multiple business visa: $ 155 US and $ 95 US respectively

Please note that this visa type is being restricted therefore you can not submit directly at our website and the fee is different. Therefore, if you wish to apply for this visa type, please submit the form (click here to download it) to [email protected]. We will send you a link pay for service fee afterward.

You will not need to send us your passport since you are getting stamped visa at Vietnam Airport. As for processing time, it is 2 working days for tourist visa and 5 working days for business visa.

About 6 months visa, at this moment it is not available yet.

Best regards,