Hi my daughter is travelling to Vietnam on theĀ  5th July 2016. She will be travelling in Vietnam until 16th July then going by bus to Cambodia for 4 days ,then on to Laos for 7 days. She will be flying from Luang probing into Hanoi on the 28th July to catch her return flight home to England. Does she need a visa in Vietnam? As the dates for visa exemption only go up to 30th June 2016. We have tried phoning embassy in London with no joy and email only referred up to travelling to 30th June which doesn’t help. Please can you help us!!

Dear Fleur,

We are sorry to say that until now, whether Vietnam visa exemption policy for UK citizens will be extended or not after June 30, 2016 is unknown. But even if this policy is extended, your daughter still need a Vietnam visa for either of her two arrivals in Vietnam as according to current policy, UK Citizens cannot use Vietnam visa exemption for continuous arrivals in Vietnam within 30 days.

As she still have time and the application for Vietnam visa on arrival takes only 2 working days to complete, we recommend you to wait until we inform you about decision of Vietnamese Government about Vietnam visa exemption for UK citizens after June 30, 2016.

Please keep updated from us.

Thank you so much,