We are planning on travelling to Ho Chi Minh City from Phnom Penh but will be crossing the boarder via bus. We are UK citizens and have been recently informed that we do not need visas if we are staying for no more than 15 days. However, I am concerned if there will be any implications of crossing the boarder and checking the visas as we will be going via bus. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Dear Bryony,

As you said, you will be exempted from a Vietnam visa if your stay in Vietnam is less than 15 days regardless of which means of transport you use to enter Vietnam. But please remember that this policy is valid by June 30, 2016. In case you come to Vietnam after that day, you will need a visa.

In case those cannot make sure to stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days, applying for a visa from the beginning is highly recommended as it is currently difficult to extend visa and the fee for visa extension in Vietnam is costly. Since you are going to travel to HCMC by bus, you should contact the Vietnam embassy to get one in this case.

For more information, please access to: http://vietnam-visa.co.uk/.

Wish you a happy travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Team