I’m planning to travel to Cambodia and then on to Vietnam in February, for about a month, about two weeks in each country.

I might be flying to Bangkok and then travel onwards to meet up with a friend in Cambodia then go together onwards to Vietnam via land border crossing.

I’m Swedish and don’t need any Visa to Thailand. But the problem is that I live in the UK. I don’t need a Visa if I stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days AND have a flight ticket to leave the country to prove it. Would that be my best bet? I can’t go to Sweden and hand my passport in to the Vietnam embassy. Can I apply for a Vietnam visa in the UK embassy?

Dear Lott,

You are right that as a holder of Swedish passport, you are exempted from Vietnam visa if:

  1. Your passport is valid for at least 6 months since your date of entry; and
  2. Your entry date does not fall within 30 days from exit date of your previous visit to Vietnam with visa exemption.

Otherwise you will need a visa. And in this case, as you travel to Vietnam by land border crossing, you will need to apply for Vietnam visa via embassy. It can be any embassy of Vietnam which is convenient for you, in Sweden, in London, in Thailand or in Cambodia. It’s ok.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,