Vietnam e-visa for UK passport holdersAs in February 1, 2017, the Vietnam Government officially provided Vietnam E-visa for citizens of 40 countries. And it is great news for UK passport holders to have their nationality included in the list of eligible nationalities for e-visa to Vietnam. The full list can be found here.

How to obtain Vietnam e-visa for UK passport holders?

Obtaining a Vietnam e-visa for UK travelers is quite simple by:

  1. clicking on the link,
  2. completing the form with required information and documents including your photo and copy of your passport page.
  3. Make payment of visa fee online (USD 25/person).
  4. Get a code to check the visa processing status and print out the visa in case your application is approved.

Advantages of Vietnam e-visa for UK passport holders

Using this kind of visa to Vietnam will provide the UK travelers with the following advantages:

  1. No travel for visa application;
  2. Having valid visa before travel to Vietnam.
  3. Allowing you to enter Vietnam via either of 28 entry gates.

Disadvantages of Vietnam e-visa for UK passport holders

However, this kind of visa to Vietnam for UK travelers still contain some major disadvantages as follows:

  1. You only know whether your application is approved or not after 3 working days, and you cannot obtain an urgent visa if your departure time is just a few hours ahead;
  2. Your visa fee will not be refunded in case your visa application is refused;
  3. Your Vietnam visa is valid for only 30 days for single entry with vacation purpose only if accepted.

So, which visa type can deal with all disadvantages of Vietnam e-visa mentioned above while requiring you no travel for application at all. It’s Vietnam visa on arrival. Why it is said so?

First of all, the whole process for Vietnam visa on arrival takes you only 2 working days and even a 2 – 4 working hours in case of emergency. So, you can definitely stay at ease if your flight is just a few hours ahead.

Secondly, your application for Vietnam visa on arrival is only refused in case you have bad record at the Vietnam Immigration Department, and in this case, you will be notified right after we get informed. And of course, if this is the case, your fee paid to us shall be refunded. Otherwise, there is no reason for your Vietnam visa on arrival application to not be approved.

Finally, with visa on arrival, you can apply for both business and tourist visas which are valid for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and even 1 year with single or multiple entry.

However, this kind of visa exists a major disadvantages in which it is available for travelers to Vietnam by air.

In case you need a more detailed comparison between these two kinds of Vietnam visa – Vietnam e-visa and Vietnam visa on arrival, please refer to the link: