Visa stamping time? What is it? Does it sound strange? It, perhaps, does for those getting into Vietnam with visa exemption. It perhaps does also for those never getting into Vietnam with visa issued by the Vietnam embassy. But it does not for those who have ever used visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Those using visa on arrival will need to obtain visa approval letter online and then get it stamped at the airport of Vietnam upon arrival there. The duration to get visa stamped in this way is called visa stamping time. It may last for up to 30 – 45 minutes depending on number of travelers staying in the queue for the same purpose.

Getting Vietnam visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport

How to save your time? How to shorten this duration? This post will deal with it.

We – can assist you to make this process faster via our fast-track service.

How does this service work?

Vietnam visa fast track serviceThose using this service will be assisted to get visa stamped quickly at Vietnam airport.

We will arrange our representative there to welcome you after your landing, then take your original passport, visa approval letter, entry and exit form (also known as Vietnamese visa application form) and stamping fee from you.

Then our representative will follow the visa procedure on your behalf, and return your passport containing valid Vietnam visa to you after a few minutes.

How to apply for this service?

There are various options available for you to order this service, as follows:

  1. Request for fast-track service in step 3 of our online Vietnam visa application form;
  2. Call us at (+84) 946 583 583 or +44 1254-790255 to order the service;
  3. Chat online with us on website;
  4. Let us know on our facebook at;
  5. Send us your request to our email at [email protected].

How much does it cost?

The cost of our fast-track service may vary depending on number of travelers in your group. It it just US$25 as highest and US$15 as lowest.

Attention: Please notice that all those who apply for business visa via us will be offered with fast-track service for FREE.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.