After a long holiday of Tet, we found that many visa applicants submit their visa applications using the super-urgent or urgent service, or even we were not able to assist many clients since their visa applications were submitted to us within the holiday and their arrival dates were also within the holidays. In such case, we feel very sorry.

So, in order to avoid such problems  as well as to enable you to save your costs (paid for urgent and super-urgent service), we provide here list of the public holidays of Vietnam in 2014. Then, in addition to weekends, they are the days when we and the staff at offices of the Vietnam Immigration Department (the agency processing and issuing the visa approval letter) do not work, so your visa approval letter cannot be issued during such days.




New Year’s Day (observed) January 1 Wednesday
Lunar New Year Festival Jan. 28 – Feb. 5 Tues – Wed
National Anniversary of Hung Kings April 9 Wednesday
Reunification Day April 30 Wednesday
International Labor Day May 1 Thursday
Vietnamese National Day September 2 Tuesday


As a travel agent who specializes in assisting foreigners to get visa approval letter, we highly recommend you apply for a visa approval letter at least 1 week prior to your departure date to avoid any unexpected issues.

In case you need any assistance during such holidays or at weekends (when we also do not work at the office), don’t hesitate to call us at (+84) 946 583 583.