Many people are opting to rent an apartment in Hanoi than pay up the mortgage for a new home today. Renting is actually beneficial to a tenant in many ways. When it comes to bills and utilities renting a house is much cheaper than running your own home. It also increases flexibility as you can easily move to another place or house when the need arises.

However, finding the perfect apartment for rent in Hanoi can be quite an overwhelming task. This could be due to the long list of options at hand or the kind of lease you are inclined to. It is for this reasons that a guide to renting apartment is compiled; to make the whole process of renting manageable for you. In this guide, you will find a number of things to consider and tips on when renting apartment.

Guide: Things to Consider when Renting Apartment

When looking for a apartment to rent, you must have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, your right and responsibilities before you go searching. This will determine what you will be looking for in the list of available options for renting. Here is a simple guide to renting property.

1. Rental fees

Always ensure you have determined the amount you are willing and able to pay every month as rental fees. Make sure to determine your price range and set a maximum amount that you can afford before you start the search. This will help you to easily narrow down your search to only those options that are viable to you. One of the factors that may help you determine this is whether you will be staying alone or with other in the rental property. It is, therefore, crucial to know your housing plan prior to searching for the apartment.

Advance search features will help you:

2. Location

Finding the right location within which to rent an apartment will have a direct impact on your lifestyle. Before getting into the specifics of the neighborhood, determine the general location you wish to stay in. Do you research well based on your interest, proximity to social amenities and security. If possible take time to visit the location to have a feel of the neighborhood before you make up your mind.

When determining your desired location think of the distance to your workplace, the mode of transport available, nightlife or even availability of schools if you have any school going person in your household. These factors will be instrumental in narrowing down your search for a house.

3. Desired amenities and features

In the guide to renting apartment, the amenities you desire to have will greatly affect the kind of house you rent. It is, therefore, necessary to specify the amenities and features that are crucial for you. Remember not to mix your wants with your needs. In most instances, the needs will surpass wants in selecting s home to rent. For example, if you have a pet then you will definitely want to rent a house that will be comfortable enough to host a pet. Could this be the deal breaker? It will be up to you to decide based on the kind of lifestyle you want to live. It is wise to note that the desired features of your rental may determine the location.

4. Check for any outstanding bills

So after weeks of searching, you have finally found your ideal house for rent and you want to start the transactions with your landlord? Among other things make sure to check with your landlord for any outstanding bills. Make sure any unpaid bills get cleared before you can commit to moving into the house. In the event that you move in the house without notifying your landlord of outstanding bills, you stand the risk of having to pay them on behalf of the former tenant. Always ensure the house has a clean debt history and the utility supplies are up to date before moving in.

5. Confirm exactly what utilities are covered

Before you sign the rental contract with your landlord, check again to confirm what utility costs are covered in your rental payment. In as much as having utilities covered may sound appealing, double check and seek clarification on the exact costs covered. Gas? Water? Internet? This is a very significant factor when choosing a rental apartment; don’t let it skip your mind.


A guide to renting apartment is the ultimate solution to rent dilemmas. The above-stated factors have a significant impact on the final decision regarding renting apartment. When put into consideration appropriately, there will be no disappointments in renting any property. I trust that reading this guide will not only appeal to the eyes but be helpful to all those who are renting property out there; be it a first time tenant or a long term tenant.