Learning some Vietnamese words and phrases can be considered as one of the necessary things to do before traveling to Vietnam. Below are some useful Vietnamese phrases that US tourists should know if you are planning to visit this country.

Daily Conversation for Vietnam travel

Most of Vietnamese are very friendly when talking to foreigners. Just remember to act politely, you will have a new friend easily. Here are some usual phrases and sentences that Vietnamese use in their daily life.

English Vietnamese
Hello/hi/good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening Xin chào
Goodbye Tạm biệt
Good night Chúc ngủ ngon
See you again Hẹn gặp lại
How are you? Bạn có khỏe không?
I’m fine, thank you! Cám ơn bạn, tôi khỏe
What’s your name? Bạn tên gì?
My name is… Tôi là…
Thank you Cám ơn
You’re welcome Không có chi
Sorry/Excuse me Xin lỗi
No problem Không sao
Yes Vâng
No Không
Can you help me? Bạn giúp tôi được không?
I don’t understand Tôi không hiểu
I understand Tôi hiểu
Happy New Year! Chúc mừng năm mới

Traveling & Directions for your travel in Vietnam

English is a second language in Vietnam, but it doesn’t mean every Vietnamese are good at it. Some, especially taxi drivers don not know much English. Therefore, to reduce your chances of being lost, ensure your journey, you should learn some traveling vocabulary when getting around the country. Additionally, it is better to bring along a map as well as note down the address you want to go.

English Vietnamese
I want to go to… Tôi muốn đến…
Where is…? …ở đâu?
Hurry! Nhanh lên
Please slow down! Đi chậm lại!
Go straight Đi thẳng
Left Bên trái
Right Bên phải
Stop here Dừng ở đây
Turn around Quay lại
Next to/by Bên cạnh
How do I get to (the place)? Đi đến (the place) như thế nào?
Where’s the…(the place)? (the place) ở đâu?
I’m lost Tôi bị lạc
Can you show me on the map? Chỉ trên bản đồ được không?
Wait here Đợi ở đây
Crossroad Ngã tư

Shopping in Vietnam

Vietnam can be considered as a wonderful place for shopping. The goods are not only plentiful but also has quite affordable prices. Knowing these following Vietnamese words, it can be smoother and easier for you when going shopping in Vietnam.

English Vietnamese
I would like something else Tôi muốn cái khác
Souvenir Quà lưu niệm
Bag Bao
How much? Bao nhiêu tiền?
Can you give me a discount? Bớt được không?
That’s too expensive Đắt quá
I can’t afford it Tôi không đủ tiền
OK, I’ll take it Tôi mua cái này
I don’t want to buy this Tôi không mua
Smaller size Cỡ nhỏ hơn
Larger size Cỡ lớn hơn
What is this? Cái gì đây
Can I have a look? Tôi có thể xem được không?

Dining & Ordering Food in Vietnam

Cuisine of Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the features making the country more and more famous for foreigners. Let’s learn a few common phrases of this topic so you can be assured that you don’t find yourself in awkward and embarrassing situations when trying specialties in this country.

English Vietnamese
Pho Phở
Bread Bánh mì
Iced Coffee with Milk Cà phê sữa đá
Sugar Đường
Roll Gỏi cuốn
Spring roll Chả giò
Mineral water Nước suối
Beer Bia
Dessert Tráng miệng
Is there a restaurant nearby? Có tiệm ăn nào gần đêy không?
Bill, please Xin tính tiền
Hot/spicy Cay
Delicious Ngon quá
I am full No rồi
Well-done Chín
Rare Tái
Medium Vừa

Numbers, Dates & Times in Vietnam

Numbers, dates and times are used intensively in Vietnamese’s everyday conversation. Moreover, their pronunciation and the rules of their structure are quite easy to learn.

English Vietnamese
0 Không
1 Một
2 Hai
3 Ba
4 Bốn
5 Năm
6 Sáu
7 Bảy
8 Tám
9 Chín
10 Mười
11 Mười một
12 Mười hai
13 Mười ba
14 Mười bốn
15 Mười lăm
16 Mười sáu
17 Mười bảy
18 Mười tám
19 Mười chín
20 Hai mươi
21 Hai mươi mốt
30 Ba mươi
100 Một trăm
1,000 Một nghìn
100,000 Một trăm nghìn
1,000,000 Một triệu
1 billion Một tỷ
number Số

Days of The Week

English Vietnamese
Monday Thứ hai
Tuesday Thứ ba
Wednesday Thứ tư
Thursday Thứ năm
Friday Thứ sáu
Saturday Thứ bảy
Sunday Chủ nhật

Time in Vietnamese

English Vietnamese
Minute Phút
Hour Giờ
Day Ngày
Week Tuần
Month Tháng
Year Năm
Now Bây giờ
Later Lát nữa
Morning Sáng
Afternoon Chiều
Evening Tối
Night Đêm

A Few Tips for your Vietnam travel

Learn from videos on the Internet or take a Vietnamese course

It is easy to find videos on the Internet to learn Vietnamese. These can walk you through the proper grammatical and pronunciation lessons. However, if you love to know more about Vietnamese, taking a course to learn the language is highly recommended. You should start learning Vietnamese at least a year before traveling to this country.

Use body language

If you forget or don’t know how to say what you want in Vietnamese, body language is always helpful. Don’t worry about if it takes times to do that as Vietnamese people do not mind that, they are always willing to help you.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t know much about Vietnamese is not a big problem, just consider this a good chance for you to explore new language. It doesn’t matter if you make any mistakes when using Vietnamese, don’t be shy so that you can learn a lot of new things from others and locals. Don’t worry if your pronunciation is not good as the locals may be willing to fix it for you.

With those phrases and tips to when learning Vietnamese, we hope your trip to Vietnam will be safer and easier.

JUST-IN: Please remember that all US travelers need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Check how to get Vietnam visa for US citizens here.