Hi, Do I need a Vietnam visa? I am traveling to Vietnam by air on March 13, 2017 and stay there for 10 days. And then I will leave Vietnam for Laos for another 10 days from March 23 to April 2, 2017. After that, I will come back Vietnam via land border crossing for my flight to UK from Noi Bai airport Hanoi. Both of my stays in Vietnam is less than 15 days. Can I avoid visa to Vietnam? Please advise.

Hi Thomas,

Please be kindly informed that as a UK passport holder, you are exempted from a Vietnam visa if your arrival date is more than 30 days from exit date of your last visit to Vietnam with visa exemption. In your case, as you will back to Vietnam just within 10 days from the first exit, you will need a visa for one of your two entries to Vietnam.

There are two options for you in this case.

1. Apply for visa on arrival for your first entry and use visa exemption for the second entry.

The procedure to obtain this kind of visa is as follows:

  1. Access to https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html, fill out the form, submit and make payment of service fee;
  2. Receive the visa approval letter via email together with detailed guide to pick up full visa at Vietnam airport;
  3. Show the visa approval letter to the airlines to get on board and finally get visa stamped upon arrival at airport of Vietnam.

2. Use visa exemption for the first entry and apply for Visa at embassy for the second entry

The procedure to get visa at Vietnam embassy may vary from embassy to embassy, but normally, it is as follows:

  1. Travel to the embassy to submit application documents, including original passport, complicated application form (downloaded on website of the embassy you wish to submit the application documents to), and other if required by the embassy;
  2. Pay for visa fee;
  3. Travel back home and wait;
  4. Travel to the embassy after 5-7 working days to get the visa and original passport or receive them via post.
  5. Get into Vietnam with the visa.

You can obtain the visa via the Vietnam embassies/consulate in UK or those in Cambodia, any one that is convenient for you.

However, as a local travel agent, we advise you to do the first option for convenience.

We hope that this information reaches you well.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,