The severe cold wave that has recently sent the temperatures of Hanoi down to under 10 degrees Celsius has caused extreme hardships for many, especially the expats who experience the first winter in Hanoi. So, how should they do to deal with such a cold?

Vietnam visa application from UK - Hanoi in cold days

Hanoi in very cold days

One of the simple pleasures of this season is to visit an everyday street corner tea stall the morning and defrost with a hot glass of strong green tea.

Vietnam visa for UK citizens - A hot green tea cup to keep your body warm

A hot green tea cup to keep your body warm

You’ll also be advised to follow local cafe drinkers as they swap their ca phe sua da (iced coffee with milk) for the steaming sua nong (hot milk) version, to absorb all possible forms of heat.

Hot coffee with milk for a cold day in Hanoi

Hot coffee with milk for a cold day in Hanoi

The worst of this dire weather, you might already have noticed, will be found anywhere near large bodies of water, which unfortunately are a specialty of the city. The famous lakes seem to become air-conditioners, cooling the air even further as it whips across the frigid surfaces and straight to your bones. So, one advice is that you should not reach near the lakes in the coldest days.

One more thing is to be sure to purchase a thick winter coat to stave off any illnesses, which run rampant at the beginning of the season. A padded jacket from one of the many clothes outlets around the city selling imitation hiking gear is a must, as is a decent pair of gloves.

Vietnam visa from Uk - Thick winter coats for cold days in Hanoi

Wearing thick winter coats for cold days in Hanoi

Acquiring some sort of illness during winter is almost guaranteed, but rest assured the common cold, in any of its varying degrees of severity, can be fixed by over-the-counter antibiotics from local pharmacies.

But the cold never makes Hanoi less attractive. If you are in Hanoi during these cold days and wish to enjoy a tour in this city, you can check here.