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UK passport holder flying to Vietnam from Bangkok – Can I get the Visa on arrival?


I will be flying to Vietnam from Bangkok for 1 month in this summer and am trying to figure out if I will need to apply for my visa in advance. As I understand it (from various 'Vietnam visa' websites) that I am from the UK I can get a visa on arrival in Vietnam. However, what concerns me is that I won't be arriving from the UK but from Bangkok so different rules may apply.

UK passport holder flying to Vietnam from Bangkok – Can I get the Visa on arrival?2016-04-08T09:08:06+00:00

Vietnam Visa for UK citizen


Hi my daughter is travelling to Vietnam on the 5th July 2016. She will be travelling in Vietnam until 16th July then going by bus to Cambodia for 4 days ,then on to Laos for 7 days. She will be flying from Luang probing into Hanoi on the 28th July to catch her return flight home to England. Does she need a visa in Vietnam? As the dates for visa exemption only go up to 30th June 2016. We have tried phoning embassy in London with no joy and email only referred up to travelling to 30th June which doesn't help. Please can you help us!!

Vietnam Visa for UK citizen2016-03-28T07:38:43+00:00

Is Vietnam visa required?


We are planning on staying in Vietnam for a couple of weeks and travel into Cambodia for a couple of days during that fortnight. We then plan to head to Singapore for a few days from 15 January before heading home to England, UK on 18 January. Do we require a visa for this travel? If so do we require a multiple entry Visa for food trip?

Is Vietnam visa required?2016-02-02T02:45:57+00:00

Visa for Vietnam for Turkish passport holder


My name is Ozgul and I would like to travel to Vietnam around Christmas time. I hold a Turkish pasaport and living in the London. I do know that I require visa for Vietnam. Do have this service? How much it costs and what is the requirements for single entry.

Visa for Vietnam for Turkish passport holder2016-02-02T02:45:57+00:00

Ethnic culture village to hold market of traditional delicacies


Do you want to enjoy traditional food and delicacies of localities across the northern region of Vietnam even you don’t have much time? If so, the traditional markets to be held from October 16-18 by the Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo of Hanoi are a great choice for you.

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