Vietnam Visa Questions

/Vietnam Visa Questions

Can Vietnam visa approval letter be denied?

Once issued, visa approval letter for Vietnam visa on arrival cannot be defined for any reason as it is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, a government agency in charge of immigration in Vietnam.

Ask about Vietnam visa fast-track service

Thank you for your efficient service in organizing my visa application letter. I have a query about the fast track immigration which I signed up for. Where will I meet up with your agent when I arrive?

Vietnam Visa requirement for UK and Australian citizens

We are a couple traveling together. Me on a Australian passport my wife on a UK Passport. We will be staying in Vietnam for 14 days then go to Cambodia for one week and then back to Vietnam for one week. Who needs a Visa and how much?

Hanoi airport visa on arrival closing time

May I know what is the closing time of Hanoi airport landing visa counter ??? As my flight will be arrived at 2320, is it possible to make visa on arrival?

Too many names in my Vietnam visa approval letter

I received my visa letter today via email. The letter says "….requesting permission for 3 people to enter and exit Vietnam for the purpose of business activities…." and there are two additional names (as well as my own) and their details included in the letter. I do not know these people and applied only for myself.

Vietnam Tourist Visa for UK passport holder

Will I have to apply in advance for any Visa to visit Viet Nam for 1 week ( 7 days ) or booking any Visa application . UK passport holder to enter in Viet Nam from Ho Chi Minh City at SNG airport June the 15 2016. Thanks and regards

Single or multiple entry visa for Vietnam

Hi. I’m UK citizens. I am visiting your country for 23 days in September 2016. I will first land in Noi Bai airport and then take another flight to Nha Trang. Do I need a multiple entry visa or just a single entry one? Please advize.

Internship Visa for UK Citizens to Vietnam

I’m a UK citizen. I will be headed to HCM for an internship for slightly over 3 months. I am wondering if I will be required a visa for this, and if so, what are the costs involved to obtain this visa?

Vietnam visa stamping fee at the airport

Can you tell me what the stamping fee at the airport is? Is there an exit fee at the airport as well?