Vietnam Visa Questions

/Vietnam Visa Questions

Same day Vietnam visa for Australians in UK

Hi. We are having a flight to Vietnam today. Can I get Vietnam visa today. Please advise as soon as possible. We are Australians living in UK.

Is Vietnam Embassy the only place to obtain Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam Embassy isn't the only place to obtain Vietnam Visa. There are 3 ways to obtain a Vietnam Visa. They are Visa Embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival, and Vietnam e-visa. Let’s find out the information of each way.

Is Vietnam visa exemption extended for UK travelers after June 30, 2017

The current policy on 15-day Vietnam visa exemption for UK will be soon expired on June 30, 2017. Is it further extended?

Change Arrival airport to get Vietnam visa


I have submitted the Vietnam visa online application form to you. In the form, I provided Noi Bai Airport. But we might go via another airport – maybe Da Nang. Is there any problem? Please advice.

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Dear Cuando,

First of all, we would like to say thank you for contacting us.

Regarding your question, please be kindly […]

Get Vietnam visa for UK in Vietnam embassy in Bangkok

Hi, I'm in Bangkok before visiting Vietnam via land border crossing. As here in UK, I'm far from the embassy? Can I apply for Vietnam visa via the embassy in Bangkok? Please advize.

Vietnam visa for Swedish in UK


I’m planning to travel to Cambodia and then on to Vietnam in February, for about a month, about two weeks in each country.

I might be flying to Bangkok and then travel onwards to meet up with a friend in Cambodia then go together onwards to Vietnam via land border crossing.

I’m Swedish and don’t need any […]

Do I need a Vietnam visa – UK passport holder?

Hi, Do I need a Vietnam visa? I am traveling to Vietnam by air on March 13, 2017 and stay there for 10 days. And then I will leave Vietnam for Laos for another 10 days from March 23 to April 2, 2017. After that, I will come back Vietnam via land border crossing for my flight to UK from Noi Bai airport Hanoi. Both of my stays in Vietnam is less than 15 days. Can I avoid visa to Vietnam? Please advise.

Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival still Available for UK in 2017

Hi, I’m Uk. I wish to be in Vietnam in February 2017. Can I still apply for Vietnam visa on arrival? Please advise.

Why Cannot Apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival Directly?

i got confused with this term "Foreigners cannot apply for visa on arrival themselves, the application must go through authorized travel agencies in Vietnam or organizations". It means that we can't apply by ourselves?