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5 great places to get good massage in Hanoi

Address, contact & local website for 5 recommended places for best relaxing moments when UK citizens staying in Hanoi.

Guide to Renting Apartment in Hanoi – Vietnam


Many people are opting to rent an apartment in Hanoi than pay up the mortgage for a new home today. Renting is actually beneficial to a tenant in many ways. When it comes to bills and utilities renting a house is much cheaper than running your own home. It also increases flexibility as you can […]

Festival and Event Schedule in Vietnam in January 2016

It's January now. And it's time for those who wish to visit Vietnam to join traditional festivals of this country. Following are list of festivals and events to be held in Vietnam in this January. But first of all, please check Vietnam visa requirement and apply for one if required to make sure everything goes smooth right from their start.

7 tips that will help you experience Vietnam as a local

Many tourists may wonder how to discover Vietnam in a different way, how to best understand the country and how to experience the country like a local to get the best moment and unforgettable moment. These secrets perhaps will transform your trip into one you'll remember forever.

Is Vietnam Visa needed for UK citizens since July 1?

The UK citizens will be granted free Vietnam visa for a stay of maximum 15 days in Vietnam. For those who wish to stay longer, does they need to apply for a visa to Vietnam?

List of festivals and events in July 2014 in Vietnam

If you are interested in festivals and events in Vietnam in this July, the following list may be useful to you. With a wide range of iteresting activities, Vietnam festivals and events are always attraction to both tourists and the locals.

Hanoi – the best place for discovering the city life

The city of Hanoi that refuses to grow old gracefully – a millennium-old capital of crumbling pagodas and labyrinthine streets, is now undergoing a werewolf-like transformation into a 21st-century Asian metropolis.

The four most dangerous mountain passes in Vietnam

Do you know the "four big mountain passes" in the Northern Vietnam? They are considered as the four most dangerous passes in Vietnam. Unwinding with one side of steep cliffs and the other side of extremely deep abyss which endanger the everyone passing on them at any time, such passes have long become the obsession for drivers.

Dealing with the cold in Hanoi

The severe cold wave that has recently sent the temperatures of Hanoi down to under 10 degrees Celsius has caused extreme hardships for many, especially the expats who experience the first winter in Hanoi. So, how should they do to deal with such a cold?