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Say hello again from

We have just come back to work from a long-lasting holiday. So from now on, we will immediately process all the Vietnam visa applications which were delivered to us during the holiday.

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Hanoi Bay ranked one of six Asian destinations

Lonely Planet- the well-know travel website has just recommended the Halong Bay in Vietnam as one of six most famous destinations in Asia.

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Quang Binh listed among 52 places to go in 2014

Recently, the travel pages of New York Times has listed Quang Binh one of the 52 places to go in 2014. In the list, Quang Binh is ranked eighth and is one of twelve destinations in Asia to be included.

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Vietnam water puppetry to be performed in France

Water Puppetry has existed in Vietnam for long time and has long been an attraction for tourists from all over the world to Vietnam to learn more about the tradition of this peaceful country. It is a form of traditional art of Vietnam. In the coming time, this kind of art will be introduced to the friends in France as the Vietnamese puppeteers have just left for France to debut their water puppet performances of the Andersen tales in Europe.

As scheduled, there will be 10 shows to be performed by nine artists from the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre from December 26-30 at Quai Branly Museum in Paris.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, vice director of the theatre, each 70-minute show consists of The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid and The Steadfast Tin Soldier, based on the popular stories by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75).

“It’s our great honor to perform at the Quai Branly Museum. It will ensure us an opportunity to perform in other places in France, as well as in Europe,” he said.

“Due to the conditions, we have to perform with half the number of performers, which means nine of us are in charge of the whole load, normally designed for 18,” said the head of the art troupe, who is also a key puppeteer who will perform two main, and supporting roles, during the shows in France.

“Thus, we need to co-ordinate harmoniously to control puppets during the shows.”

Directed by Ngo Quynh Dao, who also created the 100 puppets used in the shows, the performances are also receiving support from Jean Luc Larguier from France’s Interarts Lausanne.

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