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Dealing with the cold in Hanoi

The severe cold wave that has recently sent the temperatures of Hanoi down to under 10 degrees Celsius has caused extreme hardships for many, especially the expats who experience the first winter in Hanoi. So, how should they do to deal with such a cold?

Do I need a visa to enter Vietnam

Hi I am in UK now, holding Myanmar passport and I m going to Hanoi for attend my friend is weeding on March 5 and I will arrive Hanoi at March 3, so my question is do I need visa to go to Hanoi, Vietnam and I will only stay like 5 days approximately !

Hoi An among top ten romantic cities of the world

The Indian Times - an India-based magazine has recently voted Hoi An - the ancient town of Vietnam as one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is really a romantic getaway, a destination wedding, and worth celebrating your Valentine's Day in Vietnam.

Second cherry blossom festival to be held in Quang Ninh in March

As planned, in mid March, there will be the second cherry blossom festival to be held in Halong park in the northern coastal city of Halong in Quang Ninh province.

Visa to Vietnam for baby

I have a 3-year-old child. We are planning to visit Vietnam for a week. Do we need to apply for a visa for him. We are UK citizens. Thank you.

Public holidays of Vietnam in 2014

As a tip for Vietnam visa application, we provide here list of the public holidays of Vietnam in 2014. Then, in addition to weekends, they are the days when we and the staff at offices of the Vietnam Immigration Department (the agency processing and issuing the visa approval letter) do not work, so your visa approval letter cannot be issued during such days.

When to receive the visa approval letter

I submitted my Vietnam visa application to you on February 1, 2014, using normal service. I know that you have just come back to work from a long holiday. And I also received an email from you that I would get my letter by 6 pm today (GMT+7). I just write to make sure whether my application is being processed and I will receive my letter on time. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. John

Say hello again from

We have just come back to work from a long-lasting holiday. So from now on, we will immediately process all the Vietnam visa applications which were delivered to us during the holiday.

Vietnam visa application

Hi. I am traveling to Vietnam on February 10. When should I apply for a visa on arrival since I know that you are on Tet holiday from January 28 until February 6.