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North-West’s Spring Festival colors the Lao Cai province

“North-West’s Spring” Festival is a chance for Lao Cai’s ethnic minority people to exchange and introduce their unique traditional beauty and also for domestic and international visitors to learn and experience special cultural values of the ethnic minority groups.

Photo size for my Vietnam visa

Can you please confirm that the photo does not need to be exactly 4x6cm as stated on the Entry and Exit form M3? My country does not use this size?

Vietnam visa for 3 month multiple entry

How can i receive my visa after my first arrivals in Vietnam if I have a 3-month multiple entry visa?

Visa for entering Vietnam on cruise ship

I'm holding Malaysian passport and visiting Halong on a cruise ship for 2 days. Do I need a Vietnam visa, and if yes, how? Thank you. Kali

Sailing Halong Bay –one of 18 life-changing adventures

The Huffingtonpost – an US-based newspaper has recently released a list of 18 life-changed adventures that will make you curse your desk, and among them, sailing Halong Bay in Vietnam ranks ninth.

5 places in Vietnam will change your life

In the list of 19 under-the-radar places in the Southeast Asia that will actually change your life recently published by the Huffingtonpost - a US-based well-known website, Vietnam contributes up to 5.

Vietnam visa validity

I applied for a visa approval letter via your website and got it yesterday. As planned before, I would enter Vietnam on April 15 and then exit on May 15. But my plan has changed and I will enter Vietnam on April 23 (8 days later). I know I still can use this visa approval letter. But does I have to leave Vietnam by May 15 or can I stay in Vietnam for 30 days since my actual arrival date (since I applied for 1 month single entry visa). I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Mandaree

Common mistakes when obtaining a Vietnam visa

Many people often make following mistakes when applying for a Vietnam visa. But if a little attention is paid, it is very easy for you to avoid such problems, and then avoid normal unnecessary troubles which may cost you more time and expense.

4-month Vietnam visa

We plan to stay in Vietnam for nearly four months. Do you offer a visa for such length? If not, how can I get such a Vietnam visa? Thks