What should I do if I want to stay in Vietnam for 4 months. Could you help me to apply for a 4-month visa for Vietnam? Or I have to apply for a 3-month visa and then leave Vietnam and come back with another 1-month visa? Or can I enter Vietnam with 3-month visa and then get visa extended when I am in Vietnam? And one more thing, do I need to explain to the Immigration Officer that I will stay in four months, I have 3-month visa and then I will have visa extension?


Be kindly advised that you definitely can apply for 3 month visa first and then get an extension later without making any in-advance explanation at the Vietnam airport.

If you enter Vietnam by air, you can apply online for a 3-month visa on arrival for Vietnam here with Vietnam-visa.co.uk.

And then you can also use our service of visa extension to have your visa extended when you are in Vietnam.

For more information about visa extension service, please visit http://vietnam-visa.co.uk/extra-services.

Please feel free to leave your request if you need any further information.

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