You are keen on renting a home for yourself? Or planning a change in your current address, then by now, you must have done a bit of research for yourself. But then the fact that there are many more like you waiting to meet the landlord and crack the bill for sure must be stressing you out. Let’s begin by stating that searching for a rented accommodation might be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that you need to panic. All you need to do is – project yourself as the best possible tenant that your landlord can ever get.

Remember the potential landlord is bothered about three things – his rent payment on time, tenants not being a troublemaker and that you don’t cause serious damage to the house. Now, if you the experience of having stayed in a rented apartment, villa or condo, then giving the reference of your former landlord helps a lot.


Keeping some of the points enunciated below can definitely help you win over a potential landlord. Let us have a look at 7 ways to win over a potential landlord.

# Tip 1 Carry your credit history

This is the most important thing that you must carry when going to meet a potential landlord. Your financial stability makes a landlord loosen a bit. Remember, all that actually matters to your landlord is your ability to pay the rent on time. Remember, a poor credit record will lower your chances of getting the place of your choice. If you have any credit dents then do have your explanations ready. In such cases always, make it a point to first tell the concerned person much ahead of being asked. This actually helps.

# Tip 2 Share your rental history

If this isn’t the first time for you to look out for rented apartments., then do keep your rental report card handy. Most landlords, who lease out their apartment, villas or condos will as for it, as you rental history helps the new landlord to understand if you are capable of making rent payment on time or whether if you have ever been asked to evict your rented portion due to bad behaviour or failure in making payment. So, this record, which will be having the contact of your previous landlord is important. So, be smart to design it well.

#Tip 3 Cash is the key

Make sure that you have enough cash on you before you go house hunting. Remember, most landlords will be asking you for fees even before you get your application approved. Yes, there are lots of fees involved, right from application fees to pet deposit and to even broker’s fee, where you have to pay the defaulter renter’s fee too. So, have the money on you. For going house hunting and telling the landlord that you don’t have enough cash on you, can send across a bad signal.

# Tip 4 Decide wisely on your rent

Well, this is one area on which you need to really decide on, realistically. Be firm in getting a home at a rent that you can pay easily. Remember, no landlord will rent their place to people with a low pay scale. Remember, most landlord, follow the rule of dividing your annual income by 40. So make sure that you share the total family earning of yours, including your spouse or partner’s income too. Don’t go negating with landlords for houses that you can’t afford.

#Tip 5 Dress up well for the meet

Make sure to wear proper attire for the meet. A perfectly dressed renter, with things in place is a good way of impressing a probable landlord. Remember, this meet is an inspection meet. So, take care to look presentable to the landlord.

#Tip 6 Being punctual is the key

If you have a meeting lined up with a prospective landlord, then make sure that you are on time. Being late can definitely not reflect well on your image. Being punctual, often creates the image of you being an organizer, who can manage professional and personal life well. So, make sure that you are on time for this meeting.

#Tip 7 To pet or not to pet

If you have a pet, then be prepared for a pet interview. Many landlords don’t like renting out their place to people who have pets.

Above all, remember, applying for a rented house is like applying for a job. So, if you are really interested in a house then go for it. Else, best to stay away from meeting landlords, who own houses that don’t interest you.

Remember, this article has been prepared, keeping in mind the needs of people who are in need to rent a house. If you can relate to the list and think of them as useful, then you can share your thoughts in comment. You can share the article if you like it.

Writen by Tue Nguyen – The Founder of Alpha Housing