Safety is the most important thing when you travel abroad. To ensure your trip in Vietnam, in this article, we will provide you some vital things that you should be aware of when you are in this country.

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1. Some Important Rules for Vietnam Travel Safety for UK travelers:


  • Watch your belongings
  • When using credit card to make a payment, make sure it is in your view
  • Beware of taxi drivers. Recommended taxis: mai linh or vinasun
  • Avoid streets which are dark or have no light at night
  • Avoid situations such as accidents, and fights on your way


  • Do not leave valuables and money in the hotel room
  • Do not talk to people about political issues
  • Do not join in any anti-government or demonstrations
  • Do not bring along any pornographic materials
  • Do not use drugs – the use and sale of drugs in Vietnam is illegal
  • Do not buy bus and train tickets outside the station – scam artists can be selling false tickets

2. What To Watch Out During Travel In Vietnam

  • Prices in restaurants for foreigners are not the same as locals
  • Copy shops, travel agencies, and hotels that take the name of real ones
  • Check the contents in the fridge in your hotel room in case there are any missing items so that you don’t have to pay for them
  • Carefully check a motorbike if you plan to rent or buy it

3. Fake Cops in Vietnam:

If you are stopped by a cop, you should:

  • Try to stop on main street where there are a lot of people.
  • Put the keys of your vehicle in the safe place
  • Watch their behavior (whether they are nervous, in a hurry, etc.)
  • Check their ID, and see their nameplate
  • Call 113 for police right after realizing anything wrong

4. Traffic and Movement in Vietnam

If you want to join the traffic in Vietnam, you should:

  • Drive slowly on a motorcycle
  • Be careful of some bad condition roads, especially in mountain areas
  • Watch out when crossing streets, try to walk across the street with vietnamese
  • Treat any bigger vehicle than you on the road

5. Visit Ethnic Villages in Vietnam


  • Wear suitable clothes (long trousers/ pants, dresses…)
  • Be respectful and follow their etiquette
  • Ask for permission and then show the finished photos when taking photos
  • Only go into a house if you are invited
  • Make payment even if you are invited for a lunch or a homestay accommodation


  • Do not touch any sacrosanct things
  • Do not drink wine or spirits in the village (it is possible to drink rice wine if being invited by the locals)
  • Do not be noisy
  • Do not give the money and food to children or teenager
  • Do not kiss in the villages

6. Help with important documents (passport, visa, etc.) when you are in Vietnam

If you lose any of important documents, please contact police immediately. After that, go to the UK Embassy in Hanoi with the following items

  • 2 photos (passport size)
  • A police event report issued by Vietnam police
  • A copy of your passport
  • Some US dollar or Vietnam Dong for paying the fee


  • Address: 4 Central Building, 31 Hai Ba Trung, Trang Tien, Hanoi
  • Phone: 024 3936 0500

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7. Important Phone Numbers and Contacts in Vietnam

First Aid: 115

Firefighters: 114

Police: 113

Information: 116, 1080

These are important information and contacts that you need to know before you visit Vietnam. Take note of these things and there is no worry when enjoying your time in the country.