With the open policy to welcome more and more visitors, Vietnam has developed new options for visa application. So currently, in addition to applying for a visa at Vietnamese embassy/consulate, the foreigners to Vietnam have another option for their visa application – apply for a visa on arrival.

Despite its later appearance, visa on arrival is becoming more and more popular. So, why more and more people choose visa on arrival for their travel arrangement?


People concern the legitimacy of visa on arrival since of course, nobody wants to face immigration problem when they travel. One more time, we would like to reconfirm that visa on arrival is totally legitimated. Visa at the airport is 100% the same as visa issued at embassy. A travel agent is allowed to obtain a visa approval letter on your behalf under the Immigration lawsuit.


You will totally control your time of travel, visa on arrival gives you a big gap of time if you need to change your travel plan in last minutes as the whole process can be done within couple of days or even sooner.


No passport send-off, no queuing, no document required. All what you need is a computer and you can apply from anywhere. Resulted in 48 hours and all processes are done online. If you are busy, you can ask someone to apply it for you instead.

Emergency Service

Visa on arrival seems to be the only way to obtain your Vietnam visa if you need it in urgent. Some agencies could offer your visa arrangement within 01 hour from the time of application. It will be a best solution for someone changes travel plan in last minutes, or others uncontrolled situations.

Note: You can also apply directly to Vietnamese embassy and consulate for a valid visa before departure, especially for people travel to Vietnam by sea, border crossing or alike as visa on arrival just works for AIR TRAVEL.