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3 requirements to get Vietnam visa on arrival for UK passport holders

What are 3 requirements to get a Vietnam visa on arrival for UK passport holders? Figure out here with

7 Ways to Win over a Potential Landlord

You are keen on renting a home for yourself? Or planning a change in your current address, then by now, you must have done a bit of research for yourself. But then the fact that there are many more like you waiting to meet the landlord and crack the bill for sure must be stressing […]

Tip to save visa stamping time at Vietnam airport for UK passport holders

How to save your time to get Vietnam visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport in case you use visa approval letter to Vietnam? Find the answer here.

Get Vietnam visa for UK in Vietnam embassy in Bangkok

Hi, I'm in Bangkok before visiting Vietnam via land border crossing. As here in UK, I'm far from the embassy? Can I apply for Vietnam visa via the embassy in Bangkok? Please advize.

Vietnam visa for Swedish in UK


I’m planning to travel to Cambodia and then on to Vietnam in February, for about a month, about two weeks in each country.

I might be flying to Bangkok and then travel onwards to meet up with a friend in Cambodia then go together onwards to Vietnam via land border crossing.

I’m Swedish and don’t need any […]