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Internship Visa for UK Citizens to Vietnam

I’m a UK citizen. I will be headed to HCM for an internship for slightly over 3 months. I am wondering if I will be required a visa for this, and if so, what are the costs involved to obtain this visa?

Get Vietnam Visa Cheaper for UK Citizens in Singapore

Like UK citizens in UK or in any other countries, UK passport holders in Singapore also have two options to get a visa for Vietnam.

Vietnam visa stamping fee at the airport

Can you tell me what the stamping fee at the airport is? Is there an exit fee at the airport as well?

4 Undeniable Benefits of Getting a Vietnam Visa on Arrival in Israel

Those, especially Israel citizens and residents who have used visa on arrival to Vietnam would find that this kind of Vietnam visa provides them with 4 benefits which cannot be denied.

UK passport holder flying to Vietnam from Bangkok – Can I get the Visa on arrival?

I will be flying to Vietnam from Bangkok for 1 month in this summer and am trying to figure out if I will need to apply for my visa in advance. As I understand it (from various 'Vietnam visa' websites) that I am from the UK I can get a visa on arrival in Vietnam. However, what concerns me is that I won't be arriving from the UK but from Bangkok so different rules may apply.