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Vietnam visa for UK citizens with 2 arrivals

I’m from Australia, but has been in UK for nearly 1 year. I am planning a trip that will start in Hanoi about February 12, followed by 3weeks in Vietnam, then going on to Cambodia, Thailand and Laos and returning to Vietnam by land about 5 weeks later and return to Canada from Hanoi. Can […]

Obtain a Vietnam visa for Nigerian citizens

I'm from Nigeria. I tried to apply for a visa on arrival via your website. But I cannot find Nigeria in the nationality list? Why? Can I get a visa on arrival? If so, can you advise me how?

Vietnam visa for Bangladesh citizen in UK

I'm Bangladesh citizens, but I am working in UK. Can I apply for a visa on arrival to visit Vietnam in this country?

Does my Vietnam visa approval letter work?

I applied and received a visa approval letter in which my granted arrival date is January 23, 2014. But my plan changed and I need to arrive in Vietnam in January 21. Does this visa approval letter work or must I apply for a new one? Please reply me as soon as possible. Thks

Be kindly […]

Vietnam water puppetry to be performed in France

Water Puppetry has existed in Vietnam for long time and has long been an attraction for tourists from all over the world to Vietnam to learn more about the tradition of this peaceful country. It is a form of traditional art of Vietnam. In the coming time, this kind of art will be introduced to […]