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We are pleased to inform that is the E-commercial website providing online service for Vietnam Visa on Arrival, NOT the official website of the Government.

With over 10 years’ experience (since 2004), we take great pride to be the leading online Vietnam Visa Service. Through the website, we are exerting ourselves to provide you with full of information about Vietnam Visa so as to meet your needs of obtaining a Visa to Vietnam from the United Kingdom, especially Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). If you would love to get a full-stamped visa before traveling to Vietnam, you are highly recommended to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in the United Kingdom. The cost for visa on arrival applied with might be higher or lower than that applied at Vietnam Embassies as the prices at the embassies vary from one to another.

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What & Why Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA)

Nowadays, international tourists in general and UK tourists in particular are offered an alternative way to get a visa to Vietnam, thanks to Vietnam’s open policy to welcome all travelers with any immigration reason, from going on business to visiting friends/relatives. It means that foreigners can apply for Vietnam Visa online, called Visa on arrival (VOA)

The UK tourists using Visa on arrival service are offered much easier and simpler procedure to get visa for traveling to Vietnam. Accordingly, applicants firstly need to fill out the Online Application Form; secondly make payment for visa on arrival service, thirdly wait for 1-2 working days to receive Visa approval letter and finally get the visa stamped at your arrival airport in Vietnam (including three international airports of Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat and Da Nang).

Why using VOA service?


    You can put trust in visa on arrival service as a visa on arrival is definitely similar to visa issued by Vietnam embassies/Consulate in foreign countries, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use.


    Only with a computer and Internet access, you can easily apply for a visa to Vietnam anywhere by using VOA. You have no need to send off your passport and required document(s) as well as to queue at the Vietnam Embassy.


    Thank to VOA, you can completely control your time in Vietnam with your need of changing your travel plan in the last minutes being fulfilled within a couple of days or even sooner.


    Please informing if you are in emergency case! You will be assured to receive visa approval letter after 04 working hours since your submission of online visa application (Applying for Super urgent service).


    Using VOA will not only save your cost for traveling to Vietnam Embassy but minimize your time of waiting for a visa as well. In many cases, has received Clients’ feedback saying that the total cost for service fee and stamping fee of VOA is lower than that for full-stamped visa at Embassy. Therefore, you are highly advised to check those who have ever applied for VOA in your own country for reference.

How Visa on arrival (VOA) works?


    Be kindly noted that Vietnam visa on arrival hasn’t been supported for tourists of all nationalities. If you are not UK passport holder, you need to check for Vietnam visa requirements in order to make sure that your nationality is totally supported VOA. In case VOA is not available to your nationality, you have no ways except for traveling to nearest Vietnam Embassy in the United Kingdom to obtain for a visa to Vietnam.


    Similar to other travel agents providing online visa services for foreigners to Vietnam, the prestigious functions as a bridge between you and the Vietnam Immigration Department when processing visa approval letter. Accordingly, you can fill out the online application form; then wait for 1 or 2 working days to get the approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

  • RECEIVE THE VISA APPROVAL LETTER SENT BACK TO YOU VIA EMAIL commits to send you the visa approval letter via email, stating your name, nationality, date of arrival and date of exit after 2 working days (for normal service) or 1 working day (for urgent service), along with detailed guidelines for your necessary document preparation to get a full visa stamp at your arrival airport in Vietnam. You are highly recommended to read all information carefully.


    When you reach Vietnam international airport, all you have to do is to present all the prepared documents (including visa approval letter, original passport, entry and exit form, 2 passport-sized photos and stamping fee in US Dollar) to the Immigration Officer. You will then get visa stamped onto your passport. And … it’s time to start your trip in Vietnam!


For UK Passport holders

Thanks to new policy of Vietnamese Government, Vietnam will grant 15-day visa free for the UK passport holders for every type of passports and immigration reasons if they meet the conditions required by Vietnamese law from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. In case those cannot make sure to stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days, applying for a visa from the beginning is highly recommended as it is currently difficult to extend visa and the fee for visa extension in Vietnam is costly. Fortunately, UK passport holders these days are much easier to apply for visa to Vietnam, as there are two available ways to handle this matter.

  • Applying for visa at Vietnam Embassy/General Consulate of Vietnam in the United Kingdom (traditional way, visa picked up at Vietnam Embassies)

    Those planning to travel to Vietnam by land/ sea or wishing to obtain a fully-stamped visa on your passport before departure are advised to contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the country for visa application. Currently, the Vietnam Embassy and the General Consulate of Vietnam are located in London. For detailed contact information about these embassy and consulate in the United Kingdom, please click here: Vietnam Embassy.

  • Or, Applying for Visa on arrival with (visa picked up at Vietnam International Airports).

    After applying an online Vietnam visa on arrival, you will receive a pre-approval letter for your visa application in advance; then you will get the visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam. Although visa on arrival offers a special advantage, especially to those who live far from Vietnam Embassy, it is ONLY applicable to those reaching Vietnam by AIR.

For others who staying in UK

For other nationalities currently staying in the United Kingdom, please check to make sure if your nationalities are included in the Vietnam visa exemption list (which shows the list of nationalities are allowed to enter Vietnam without an entry visa). If not, you are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Vietnam.

  • Check for visa requirement

    First, please check if a visa is required for your nationality to enter Vietnam by visiting our Check Requirement page:

  • Follow some simple online steps.

    For those whose nationalities are supported with Vietnam visa on arrival, you can follow some simple steps listed here to apply for your visa with secured online application

  • Or, contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy/General Consulate in UK

    In case visa on arrival is not available or you wish to apply for visa through Vietnam Embassy, please contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in UK for visa application or for more information. You are recommended to contact the embassy via phone call rather than email to avoid late responses. The application procedure at Vietnam Embassy may takes about 4 to 5 working days, therefore you are also recommended to contact them early prior to your departure date.



How much is a Vietnam visa on arrival in total?

When applying for Visa on arrival service, you need to know two kinds of fees that you certainly have to pay for:

  • Service fee: is the fee you pay to for processing your visa application and giving the visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department back to you;
  • Stamping fee: is the fee you need to pay to the Immigration Officer at your Vietnam arrival airport to get visa stamped onto your passport. This fee is fixed by the Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

1 month single

$21/1 pax
  • 2 pax
    $18.25/1 pax
  • 3 – 5 pax
    $17.25/1 pax
  • 6 – 9 pax
    $15.25/1 pax
  • 10 upwards
    $14.00/1 pax
  • Urgent service
    plus $10.00/1 pax
  • Super Urgent
    (4 working hours)
    Case by case. Please contact
  • Stamping Fee
    $45.00/1 pax
  • 1 month multiple entry

    $26/1 pax
    • 2 pax
      $23.25/1 pax
    • 3 – 5 pax
      $22.25/1 pax
    • 6 – 9 pax
      $19.25/1 pax
    • 10 upwards
      $17.00/1 pax
    • Urgent service
      plus $10.00/1 pax
    • Super Urgent
      (4 working hours)
      Case by case. Please contact
  • Stamping Fee
    $65.00/1 pax
  • 3 months single entry

    $34/1 pax
    • 2 pax
      $30.25/1 pax
    • 3 – 5 pax
      $28.25/1 pax
    • 6 – 9 pax
      $25.25/1 pax
    • 10 upwards
      $22.00/1 pax
    • Urgent service
      plus $10.00/1 pax
    • Super Urgent
      (4 working hours)
      Case by case. Please contact
  • Stamping Fee
    $45.00/1 pax
  • 3 months multiple entry

    $45/1 pax
    • 2 pax
      $42.00/1 pax
    • 3 – 5 pax
      $39.00/1 pax
    • 6 – 9 pax
      $35.25/1 pax
    • 10 upwards
      $31.00/1 pax
    • Urgent service
      plus $10.00/1 pax
    • Super Urgent
      (4 working hours)
      Case by case. Please contact
  • Stamping Fee
    $95.00/1 pax
  • Service fee is the fee being paid to for doing all the paperwork for you in order to submit your visa application to the Vietnam Immigration Department for visa approval letter process, including the works, as follows:

    • Collect and carefully check your visa information via our website;
    • Contact you for double checking your visa information;
    • Process your visa information into a visa application;
    • Submit your application on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration Department;
    • Notify you of the visa approval letter processing schedule via email;
    • Follow other procedures pursuant to the regulations of Immigration Department to get Visa approval letter granted by Immigration Department;
    • Send the visa approval letter via email to you after 1-2 working day(s).

    Please be noted that the Service fee needs to be paid fully in advance to process the visa approval letter in 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) or 04 working hours (super urgent service).

    Stamping fee is the fee applied for those using visa on arrival method and compulsory to be paid directly to Immigration Officers in cash (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat or Da Nang international airports) to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method.

    • 1 month single entry visa: USD 45.00/1 applicant
    • 1 month multiple entry visa: USD 65.00/1 applicant
    • 3 months single entry visa: USD 45.00/1 applicant
    • 3 months multiple entry visa: USD 95.00/1 applicant

    Kindly remember the stamping fee is fixed by the Vietnam Ministry of Finance and will not change whether you use normal, urgent or super urgent service.

    The Stamping fee can be paid in USD or VND, etc. To avoid any unexpected unbalanced exchange rates applied at the airport, USD is highly recommended.

    Want to apply for Vietnam Visa now? Apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam and save yourself time & trouble dealing with paperwork procedure!


    Below is the information about Vietnam Embassies available in the United Kingdom and its neighboring countries. It includes address, phone number, fax number and email address.

    1. Vietnam Embassy in London, United Kingdom

    • Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
    • Phone: (4420) 79371912
    • Fax: (44020) 7565385
    • Email:

    2. Consulate General of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom

    • Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
    • Phone: (4420) 79371912
    • Fax: (44020) 7565385
    • Email:

    3. Embassy of Vietnam in Paris, France

    • Address: 62-66 Rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, FRANCE
    • Phone: 01 44 14 64 0
    • Fax: 01 44 96 70 89
    • Email: vn |

    4. Consulate General of Vietnam in Paris, France

    • Address: 2, Le Verrier, 75006 Paris, FRANCE
    • Phone: (331) 4432 0877
    • Fax: (331) 4432 0879
    • Email:

    5. Embassy of Vietnam in Berlin, Germany

    • Address: Elsenstrasse 3, Treptow, 12435 Berlin, GERMANY
    • Phone: (030) 536 30 10
    • Fax: (030) 536 30 20
    • Your Email:

    6. Consulate General of Vietnam in Framkfurt, Germany

    • Address: SIESMAYERSTR.10, 60323 Framkfurt, GERMANY
    • Phone: (00- 49 – 69) 7
    • Fax: (00- 49 – 69) 7
    • Your Email:

    In case applying for visa at Vietnam embassies, it typically might take you up to one week to get your visa. By using this option, applicants are required to send in their original passport either by mail or in person and required application documents. Therefore, visa application at the embassies might take extra time and costs (for transportation and such) apart from the cost charged by the embassies.

    Actually, since the procedure and fee charged for each visa applied vary from one embassy to others, applicants from the United Kingdom are advised to contact the nearest Vietnam embassy to have the exact & up-to-date information. If you want to avoid such hassle mentioned above, applying for visa on arrival in the UK is an ideal way. Please follow the link below and fill out our secured online application form.


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